Wounded veterans spend the day diving in Panama City

Posted: 08/17/2012 in all marine news


Close to a dozen veterans set sail Wednesday morning in Panama City Beach for a day of scuba diving and camaraderie.

The non-profit organization, Disabled Sports USA, helps children with disabilities and military, it also helped this group of veterans get to the beach for the dive, it is part of their physical therapy.

“I’m trying to get out after coming home from the army and get back to doing things I used to do before I got blown up,” said Andrew Strege.

“It is helping me get back and experience things I couldn’t do and some people with all their limbs don’t do.

I just want to prove everybody wrong. Just because we’re missing legs, we can do anything.”

The wounded warriors are visiting from San Antonio as part of the non-profit, Warfighter Sports. A branch of the Disable Sports USA directly helping disabled veterans with their rehabilitation.

Orlando Gill got involved with the organization after his time overseas. “In 2004 I was shot with a rocket.

After that Disabled Sports came to my bedside,” said Gill.

Now Gill works for the non-profit, and it is his turn to come to other wounded soldiers’ bedside.

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