Scuba diving into fish territory

Posted: 08/22/2012 in all marine news

Lauren Magiera –

When hunting, it’s good to get a bird’s eye view to see the lay of the land and exactly where your target game is.

But when fishing it’s hard to get that kind of view, but I went out to get an up close look at where these fish are hiding out.

Just about every time I’m fishing I say “I wish I could just see where they’re at underwater.”

So I decided to put my scuba certification to good use and do exactly that.

Timber Bay Sport and Dive owners Bill and Linda Nichols say I’m not the first.

“We have had big competitive fisherman come take dive classes so they can learn how to dive so they can figure out where all the fish are,” Linda says.

We dropped down into sparkling lake in Vilas County to scope out where and how deep the fish hang out.

“Last time were were out here we saw muskies.”

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