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John Meyer – 

Missy Franklin is famous for the innocent passion she brings to competitive swimming, but there’s another kind of swimming that fills her with joy as well.

The teenage star of the London Olympics fell in love with scuba diving on a trip to Hawaii with her family in 2011.

Now she is getting certified so she can go to Bimini over spring break and shoot a scene diving with dolphins for Kurt Miller’s upcoming movie, “The Current.”

“Oh my gosh, I am so, so excited, I cannot wait,” Franklin told me recently.

“My dad has been scuba diving his whole life. I’ve always watched him and my uncle go off on these amazing dive trips to all these incredible places, and I’ve always wanted to do it.”

Last year Miller produced a beautiful film about disabled individuals learning to ski called “The Movement.”

One of the characters was Rick Finkelstein, a Hollywood executive who was paralyzed in a ski accident at Aspen in 2004.

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From gCaptain –

At least three people were killed and nine others were missing after a cargoship with a Ukrainian and Russian crew sank in a storm off Istanbul’s Black Sea coast on Tuesday.

Two of those who died were rescuers killed when their boat hit rocks in swollen seas as they set off to search for survivors, shipping agency GAC Turkey said.

Two other members of that rescue team were missing. The Volgo Balt 199, which was carrying coal and had 11 Ukrainian and one Russian crew on board, sent an SOS signal at 0730 GMT off the town of Sile on Istanbul’s provincial coast but contact with the vessel was lost shortly afterwards.

“Four people were rescued from the ship and one person was found dead.

Rescue work continues to find others,” Transport Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters.

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Gunboat diplomacy

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RT –

India will deploy warships to the South China Sea if the country’s regional interests are compromised, the Indian Navy commander said.

As China bolsters its military, the region has witnessed rising tensions over unresolved territorial disputes.

India is not directly involved in any of the disputes, but its national interests are tied to the turbulent region, Admiral D K Joshi said on Monday, a day ahead of India’s Navy Day.

Delhi may deploy its forces to the region if the situation deteriorates.

“Are we preparing for it? Are we having exercises of that nature?

The short answer is ‘Yes,’” Joshi said. India’s prime concerns in the dispute are freedom of navigation for all countries, and the extraction of oil by a subsidiary of the Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONSC) off the Vietnamese coast, he explained.

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